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PBI Lab was spotted in the wild again, presenting Power BI Report Server: a Deep Dive, at the Microsoft office at 1111 W Georgia St, Vancouver on October 11, 2019.

Yana Berkovich did her last presentation with the Vancouver PBI and Modern Excel User Group - the community will miss you, but we’re happy to see her take on her new role at Microsoft in Redmond. 

The room was packed, and the analytics community was out in full force - we loved every minute of it! 

As has become part of our signature when putting on these sessions, a real-time data dashboard was used to gauge the skill level and professional expertise of the attendees, to tailor the presentation - poke around at the interactive image below to drill through the data.

Interactive Report

Survey Summary

Power BI User Group Vancouver Survey Responses

A quick, high-level synopsis of what we covered included a: 

  • Live Dashboard Demo, 
  • Introduction to Power BI and Power BI Report Server, 
  • Power BI Report Server for the BI User, 
  • Editions, Licensing, Download & Installation, and 
  • Branding, Configuration, Utilities and API.

We started with an Overview of Power BI and Power BI Report Server, and some of it’s basic capabilities. A demonstration followed, to show how these capabilities can be leveraged and  implemented. We’ve embedded the  PowerPoint deck below, so feel free to flip through the slides. 

We then discussed how to Acquire, Install and Upgrade Power BI Report Server, and its different Editions as it is important for both business leaders and users to have a deep understanding of costing, installation and implementation in order to drive value within the business.

Power BI Report Server was discussed from 2 different perspectives - the BI User and the IT Pro.  

The BI User (or end user) uses the web portal to view the reports, but also includes the analyst who creates these  reports and publishes them to the portal.  We then demoed a deployment to the Power BI Report Server. 

The IT Pro (or the IT decision maker) is more concerned with what deployment, configuration, and management look like. The discussion included some different customization scenarios, and was a  more technical, deep dive into the technology. 

Finally, we discussed Utilities, API and integration of Power BI Report Server with Power BI online, followed by a Q&A session. 

Special thanks go to Ken Puls and Rebekah Sax from Excelguru for helping put together this event and to Microsoft for hosting our community - we will definitely be back!


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