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Luca Gualtieri

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PBI Lab is excited to announce that will present in next Vancouver Power BI and Modern Excel User Group meetup. Join us to advance your Power BI knowledge, and to hear the latest product updates.

We can be found presenting  "Power BI Report Server: A Deep Dive" on Thursday, October 10th at 5:30 pm.



1100 - 1111 W Georgia St, 

Vancouver, BC, V6E 4M3

Session Outline:

The session is for users who are familiar with Power BI service and are interested in exploring Power BI Report Server (PBIRS), the on-premises solution of Microsoft.

Session Format:

In this session, Luca Gualtieri is going to open a Live Power BI Dashboard which collects and shows survey responses (in real-time) about the attendees’ level of expertise using PBIRS, and their favorite topics. The dashboard works on top of a streaming dataset. 

Attendees wil answer questions on a Survey developed with Microsoft Forms. Responses will be shown on his Live Power BI dashboard - displaying the magic of using Microsoft Flow as an automation tool, connecting Forms and Power BI.

This is a creative, interactive way for Luca to gauge the overall level of expertise of the attendees, and tailor the presentation accordingly. 

In this session we are going to discuss basic topics including: 

  • Different editions / licensing for PBIRS
  • Branding for PBIRS
  • Configuring Advanced Options through SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio)
  • Embedding PBIRS reports
  • Monitoring the Report Server catalog
  • Using the REST-API
  • PBIRS security, and
  • Custom roles in PBIRS.

We will also touch on more advanced concepts such as: 

  • High availability
  • Disaster recovery, and
  • Configuring your report server to host Excel workbooks using Office Online Server.

The event is powered by the local Vancouver Power BI and Modern Excel User Group, a group of Power BI and Modern Excel enthusiasts. The group is running monthly meetings to share techniques and inspire incredible data analytics and dashboards using Power BI and the Modern Excel tools (Power Pivot and Power Query).


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