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PBI Lab is excited to announce that will be presenting at SQL Satuday Victoria on Saturday, March 14th, 2020. 

This free training event for professionals, focuses on the Microsoft data platform and everything from data management, cloud and hybrid architecture, analytics, business intelligence, AI, and more - check out the full schedule here!   

The sessions is titled  "Power BI Continuous Integration and Delivery with Azure DevOps" and will be held at 4 pm.


Camosun College, Lansdowne Campus

Young Building,

3100 Foul Bay Rd, 

Victoria, BC, V8P 5J2

Session Outline:

Businesses today needs to have the ability to analyze, obtain insight from their data, and act rapidly, leveraging BI to improve operational efficiency, and maintain their competitive advantage.

Working in an agile framework to realize continuous delivery of results helps BI teams bring artifacts to end-users in a continuous, rapid flow; but constantly pushing out new content, exponentially increases the risk of errors. Adding structure to our development and deployment processes, can help mitigate this risk by working in a multi-tiered process architecture.  

The question now becomes - how do we realize this with self-service BI tool like Power BI? 

Possible frameworks include DTAP (Development, Testing, Acceptance, Production) and ALM (Application Lifecycle Management). These multi-tier developing processes are very common in software testing and deployment. However, in an upcoming industry of self-service IT, these processes are sometimes hard to use.  

Power BI, which is mostly positioned and advertised by Microsoft as a self-service data analytics tool, does not have a standard integrated capability to apply a multi-tiered architecture for development and deployment. 

You will leave this session with:  

  • an understanding of how to deliver Power BI reports more regularly and more reliably, enabling you to respond better to your business demands, and 
  • a reference (this presentation) to enhance and customize solutions to fit your business needs.  

Session Format:

Luca Gualtieri will kick things off by presenting a multi-tiered development process architecture for Power BI with a scenario built within his Power BI tenant. He will showcase options for version control and demo a deployment automation through Azure DevOps pipelines.  

In this session Luca is going to discuss and demo topics including: 

  • Setup a multi-tier development process architecture for Power BI,
  • Version control for Power BI pbix files with Visual Studio and Azure DevOps Git,
  • Azure DevOps CI/CD pipelines for Power BI workspace creation and report deployment,
  • Power BI extensions for Azure DevOps: Power BI Actions and Macaw Power BI Extensions, and
  • Power BI Rest API and Power BI Cmdlets for PowerShell to automate the CI/CD in Azure

Whether you are new to these products or a season expert, the SQL Saturday event is your opportunity to step away from your desk and gain insight into how you can become more efficient in your business processes. With 30+ breakout sessions, this event has it all.

Please help us, and spread the word about this informative event to others in your network you think will benefit from attending!  


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