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At PBI Lab Inc., we are excited to share our latest milestone in our journey towards global expansion. Over the years, we have successfully established our footprint in the Canadian and US markets, offering comprehensive business intelligence solutions to a wide array of industries. As we set our sights on future growth, we are eager to embark on a new venture and recognize a significant opportunity in the Italian market. 

To optimize our presence and make a meaningful impact in this vibrant market, we are pleased to announce our strategic partnership with Bonobo, a pioneering technology company renowned for their expertise in application development and design. This collaboration represents a pivotal step towards enhancing our capabilities and providing tailored business intelligence services in Italy. 

Founded in Modena by a group of consultants and entrepreneurs, Bonobo aims to help companies through their journey to digitalization and industry 4.0. From strategy, to execution, to transformation, Bonobo drives innovation and integration to deliver solutions to optimize processes to improve efficiency for individuals and businesses alike, reducing both cost and time. 

By joining forces with Bonobo, we combine our strengths and expertise to offer a comprehensive suite of solutions that meet the unique needs of Italian businesses. This partnership is built on the foundation of a shared vision to empower organizations, enabling them to gain deeper insights into their operations and drive business growth through data-driven strategies. By leveraging our collective expertise, we aim to drive increased revenues and sales for our clients, contributing to their overall success and growth in the dynamic business landscape.  

Meet the Team at Bonobo 

Singh Amarjot  

Role: CEO/CTO  

Skilled in tech-startups, he helps startups and companies on their way through digitalization and industry 4.0 to build the right product at the right moment.  

Filippo Notari

Role: COO  

Experienced business developer and marketing specialist with focus on growth and scalability.  

Alessandro Giombetti  

Role: CFO  

Over a decade of experience in business development, Alessandro founded several startups and companies. He is responsible for leading Bonobo overall financial activities and global finance organization, including accounting and controllership, financial planning and analysis, tax, investor relations, internal audit and treasury. 


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