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Keri Howard

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In a strategic move to extend its global reach, PBI Lab Inc., growing startup, has officially become incorporated in Italy as PBI Lab Srl. Embarking on this exciting new chapter in Modena, this significant milestone not only underscores PBI Lab's commitment to growth but also highlights our dedication to fostering strong partnerships with Italian businesses.  

The decision to incorporate in Italy was driven by a clear vision: to bring PBI Lab's cutting-edge data analytics and business intelligence solutions closer to businesses around the world. Italy, with its vibrant economy and a strong emphasis on innovation and technology, presented the perfect environment for PBI Lab to grow its international footprint. 

The process of becoming incorporated in Italy involved meticulous planning and a deep understanding of the local business landscape. We navigated through regulatory requirements, legal frameworks, and the nuances of the Italian market with the help of local experts. This careful approach ensured not only compliance with Italian laws but also respect for the country's business culture and practices. 

For PBI Lab, incorporation in Italy is not just a business expansion; it's a commitment to empowering Italian businesses. Along with our current partners, Bonobo and Puffin CRM, we aim to provide our Italian partners with tailored solutions that meet their unique needs. We are excited to contribute to the growth and success of Italian businesses through its expertise in data analytics, artificial intelligence, and business intelligence. 

With incorporation complete, PBI Lab is set on a journey of collaboration and innovation with its Italian partners. We plan to engage with local businesses, industry leaders, and technology enthusiasts to share knowledge, insights, and best practices in data analytics. Through workshops, seminars, and direct consultancy, PBI Lab is committed to helping Italian businesses unlock their full potential. 


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