Vancouver Startup Week Survey

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Raymond D'Lima

Luca Gualtieri

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PBI Lab was proud to be a part of Vancouver Startup Week

We presented the session Report Design, Analytics & Visualization in Microsoft Power BI.

The attendees at our event brought with them this vibe of positivity, community, curiosity, and an electric, entrepreneurial spirit that could be felt in the room.

We decided to show out, take a survey, and put together a real-time data viz of what the demographics in the room looked like. The visual below is interactive, so have fun poking at it with your fingertips, to drill through the data. 

Interactive Report

Survey Summary

Vancouver Startup Week Survey Responses

As you can see, our event (thanks for hosting us Spaces!) brought together people from many fields, and many countries, but what really stood out to us was the candid questions, and thought-provoking conversations we had with the people we met. It made us appreciate why Vancouver has such a vibrant, thriving start-up community - we'll definitely be back next year!


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